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Bespin Labs
Laboratories are where technology and creativity meet develop, research, to explore new ideas and push  boundaries. Bespin Labs embraces this great tradition — a virtual lab where idea come together and create innovative solutions.
Anything goes here. Crazy ideas and inspirations are encouraged as we all explore and experiment with brand new ideas in whole new ways. Bespin Labs is about inspiring and harnessing the intelligence, wisdom, and energy.

Paul Lees the founder of Bespin Labs is one of the leading specialists in the area of Cloud Security, Identity and Access management.

Cloud Computing is a term currently being used by every major vendor in the market place, however true cloud computing is the usage of shared commodity services, such as SalesForce, Google and Amazon EC2. For a service to truly be called cloud it most be highly scalable and elastic offering users services as and when they need them.

Secure Identity and Access management is a term related to how people are identified, authorized and granted secure access across a computer networks infrastructure. This technology is critical in securing “The Cloud”.

Paul has worked within this technology area since 2000, when Novell released it’s DirXML product. Prior to that Paul worked with both Novell and Microsoft networking products holding Novell Master CNE and Microsoft MSCE qualifications


Technical Director – Salford Software Ltd -2000 – 2010
Before becoming the CEO of Bespin, Paul was the Technical Director of Salford Software, one of the most successful Novell partners in the UK. Paul joined Salford Software Ltd when the then Salford Software Fortan Group merged with Salford University Network Services. During this time Paul was a key member of a small management team, and help define the company strategy and direction. In 2004 Paul joined the Salford Software Board as the Technical and Operations Director and set about the task of building a professional services delivery department with the company. During this time Paul became responsible for the three main technical pillars of the company, technical support, research and development, and professional services. The choice on what technology to focus and delivery services on was obvious, Identity Management, and Paul help Salford Software become the leading provider of Identity Management solutions within the UK.

Technical Support Manager – Salford University Network Services (SUNS) -1993 — 2000
Paul joined SUNS as the senior technical support engineer. Paul provided Novell technical support to the majority of the universities within the UK.

While working at SUNS Paul was instrumental in the design of the company’s web based incident tracking software “Webtrack”. Before this the company used a combination of paperbased recording and DOS based systems. In addition to managing support issues Webtack also managed the entire customer profile and contracts, enabling the company to automate its software and maintenance routines. “Webtrack” now has a life of it’s own as the open source project SiT!

While at SUNS Paul also help host the Novell Technical Conference and BrainShare UK events.

Network Programmer – University of Salford – July 1991 — July 1993
While at the University of Salford Paul was employed as a network programmer Paul spent most of his time designing and writing software system for the University’s Novell NetWare 386 network environment. One of Paul’s major projects was the development of a NetWare print management solution, this solution was used to manage Novell NetWare print queue’s as well as charge students for printing. This solution was in use at the University of Salford almost a year before PCounter was first released back in 1992.

Paul also wrote a number of other NetWare based utilities including batch user creation tools, and server side NLM’s. One of the most famous, yet simple, NLM’s written by Paul was SETPWD.NLM, as server side password reset command allowing anyone with server access to reset any password.


Family is one of the most important things in Paul’s life. He has been happily married to his wife Lianne since 2003. They have 2 childern Molly (2002) and Harry (2007).

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